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Changes in WinBuilder 082

Version 082
  • changed - comp80 default from ON to OFF
  • fixed - bug in interface editor with multiple selected components
  • fixed - bug in interface editor with weblabel in panel
  • fixed - lost custom title
  • published as release preview
  • fixed - bug in If command, when a compare string starts with "run"
  • changed - removed "orphaned" System,HasDOS8_3 command
  • fixed - bug which in interface editor with multiple selections sometimes "forgot" single selections
  • fixed - bug introduced by removing of System,HasDOS8_3 command
  • added - when image does not contain URL, click into the image starts the default graphical editor
  • changed - place weblabels in front of textlabels
  • fixed - script editor bug with source code button (the light bulb) http://reboot.pro/14...post__p__131528
  • fixed - single run now displays script's description rather than script.project description
  • fixed - bug with endless loop in exiting WinBuilder, when a script has been deleted externally
  • fixed - When in interface editor activating "resize to fit" on an image, the corner dots of the image are not repositioned correctly until the image is clicked
  • changed - set "clear" button in interface editor / image to invisible
  • added - RefreshControl method to TInterfaceComponentManager. That hopefully avoids interface troubles with con-classic themes
  • frozen for second release preview as on 2011-JUL-01