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Changes in MistyPE 2018-01-21

Version 2018-01-21
  • Refer to Changelog link
Version 2017/03/08
  • wimlib updated to version 1.11.0
  • Support added for the Windows 10 builds (10.0.10240, 10.0.10586 and 10.0.14393). Note - Windows 10.0.10586 has limited functionality compared with builds 10.0.10240 and 10.0.14393. SysWoW64 is not working. Browse for Folders is not working. Properties Dialog is not working.
  • Added support for "File Copy Progress" bar if Windows 8/8.1 source(s) are used.
  • 7-zip updated to version 16.04
  • Updated PartitionGuru script - a 64-bit release is now available. PartitionGuru will need to be installed locally and copied to the Cache during the first build.
  • New script to run a custom batch at startup. (Programs > Add Custom Batch....)
  • Documents have NOT been updated.