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Changes in VHD_XP_Setup - Install XP in VHD - 85

Version 85
  • Created VHD gets filename XPSRC1.vhd with Number 1-9
  • Update grub4dos-0.4.5c-2013-07-24.7z
  • Improvement in all Help files - Procedures based on using Win8.1SE x64 boot.wim as Boot Image File
  • Thanks to ChrisR for making Win8.1SE - http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170546-win81se/
  • v 81
  • Only ISO filenames with dos 8.3 format are allowed
  • Added WinContig useful to defragment VHD files
  • Black Screen Fix for TXT-mode XP Setup by using map --e820cycles=0 in Grub4dos Menu before hook
  • http://reboot.pro/topic/15956-xp-setup-freezes-with-versions-after-045b-2011-07-14/
  • v 80
  • Added support for using WinNTSetup3 to prepare XP Setup folders in VHD mounted in ImDisk virtual drive
  • v 79
  • Added UFD_Format to Make bootable USB-Stick
  • LZMA2 Compression used to make 7z SFX selfextractor
  • v 78
  • USB_XP_Fix.exe - USB 3.0 boot support for XP
  • Install USB 3.0 Drivers for XP from folder Windows\DriverPacks\C\U
  • v 77
  • In Grub4dos Menu use phony RAMDISK for WinVBlock to find XP Setup ISO file.
  • This is needed to prevent BSOD 44 when XP Setup ISO file is NOT loaded into RAM.
  • Thanks to Sha0 - http://reboot.pro/topic/8168-winvblock/page-10#entry101891
  • Added ImgBurn as useful program to make bootable XP Setup ISO file.
  • USB_XP_Fix.exe and BOOT_IMG.exe were added as additional useful programs