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Changes in EzPE5 05

Version 05
  • -Added network script to easily add a list of network shares that will be mapped as network drives in PE.
  • -Added Windows on Windows support for 64-bit PE. Now you can run your 32-bit applications.
  • -Added files to explorer script so that folder search is now working.
Version 04
  • -Updated to work with Windows 8.1 media.<br />-Updated to use Windows 8.1 ADK tools.<br />-Scripts no longer contain registry files. Needed registry information is exported from source hives, modified if necessary and then imported into the target hives.<br />-Fixed commands in the optional components script.<br />-Improved explorer script,(still not fully functional) Explorer windows will now open immediately instead of having a considerable delay as before.
Version 1
No changes have been recorded in this version