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Changes in UEFI MULTI - Make Multi-Boot USB-Drive 86

Version 86
No changes have been recorded in this version
Version 85
  • Update grub4dos-0.4.5c-2013-07-24.7z
  • Update UFD_Format.exe - improvement for usage in x64 environment
  • Added GetWaikTools - Thanks to JFX
  • http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/156869-get-waik-tools-wo-downloading-the-huge-isos/
  • Added Tweaks for Windows XP/7/8 as used in WinNTSetup3 - Thanks to JFX
  • http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/149612-winntsetup-v34-35-beta1/page-32#entry1070687
  • Improvement in all Help files - Procedures based on using Win8.1SE x64 boot.wim as Boot Image File
  • Thanks to ChrisR for making Win8.1SE - http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170546-win81se/
  • v 83
  • Boot Manager Menu for adding boot.wim improved to allow booting of Win8.1SE
  • Added ComboBox to select Grub2 Or REFIND as optional EFI Boot Manager
  • v 82
  • - Improvement in detection of Overflow on Target Drives
  • - In all cases set {bootmgr} nointegritychecks yes
  • v 81
  • In UFD_FORMAT added option to Install Grub4dos in MBR BootCode.
  • In Win7/8 or 7PE then UFD_FORMAT has option to Add Boot Manager Menu to USB-Stick.
  • Version 80
  • - Make Multi-Boot USB-Stick or USB-Harddisk booting on BIOS or UEFI computer
  • XP/7/8 VHD 2 GB located on FAT32 Boot Drive is loaded in 2 min in RAMDISK for very fast Mini OS
  • - Added UFD_FORMAT - Tool to format USB-stick for Booting with Boot Manager Menu on BIOS or UEFI computer
  • More Info - http://reboot.pro/topic/19140-ufd-format/
  • - Added USB_Part_Flip - to Exchange Partition Table Entries in MBR of USB-Stick -
  • allows to change which primary partition of the USB-stick is visible in Windows
  • - Add VHD to Boot Manager Menu improved in case of Win8x64 OS
  • Version 79
  • - Make Multi-Boot USB-Stick or USB-Harddisk
  • - Add Boot Image files of type VHD IMG ISO or WIM to Target USB or HDD
  • - UEFI + BIOS Support for Windows 8 Recovery Or 7/8 WinPE boot.wim files booting from RAMDISK
  • - Add WIM and VHD Boot Image files to Boot Manager Menu and make Grub4dos Menu for ISO or VHD
  • - ImDisk file imdiskinst.exe version 1.7.6
  • - Portable Apps - UEFI_MULTI.exe and BOOT_IMG.exe
  • Version 78
  • Update - BOOT_IMG.exe - improvement in overflow measurement on Drive in case of existing Image file
  • Version 76
  • BOOT_IMG.exe - Solved bcdedit not found in case of x64 OS
  • UEFI Boot Manager entry for Win8-x64 VHD is made.
  • Update Grub4dos to version grub4dos-0.4.5c-2013-03-03.7z
  • Version 75
  • Fedora-18 Grub2 UEFI Secure Boot in folder UEFI_MAN\efi_fedora18
  • BOOT_IMG - FileSize of Boot Images in Grub4dos Menu
  • AutoIt3 version
  • VHD Boot Menu also made for VHD already existing on System Drive
  • Improved text for some WARNING Message's