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Changes in re7zip 1.3

Version 1.3
  • - Update 7-Zip-JBinding library to 9.20-2.00beta.
  • - Fix reading of WIM files.
Version 1.2
  • - Improve accessing files over HTTP
  • - Add "/l" and "-l" option for listing the contents of an archive.
  • - remove our hacked sevenzipjbinding-AllPlatforms.jar version: lib/sevenzipjbinding-AllPlatforms-re7zip.jar
  • - Update 7-Zip-JBinding library to version 4.65-1.06rc-extr-only.
  • - Map archive type "7z" to SEVEN_ZIP so sevenzipjbinding can use it.
Version 1.1
  • Removed hardcoded ISO location and setting.
  • Now it doesn't crash anymore when the file that needs to be extracted doesn't exist in the archive.
  • The slashes in the filename to extract don't need to have the OS specific separators anymore
  • Support for Windows and more unix-like switches.
  • Fixed some typo's in the displayed text.
Version 1.0
No changes have been recorded in this version