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Changes in WinBuilder Documentation in Compiled Help Format 2012_08_12

Version 2012_08_12
  • Compiled wiki files as of 2012-Aug-12
  • Updates include some scripting examples, command line options for WinBuilder and other minor cleanups.
  • For a complete listing of changed files or the specific changes, see the WIKI at: http://code.google.com/p/winbuilder/w/list
Version 2011_11_16
  • Compiled wiki files as of 2011-Nov-16
  • The following pages were modified to clarify issues, add content or correct mistakes: wbfilestructure,,wbtools, regimport, wbknownissues, wbcompat, dirdelete, strformatLTRIM, strformatPOS, requiresysfile, ifQuestion, regwrite, shellexecuteex, shellexecute, shellexecutedelete, copyprogram, wbinterface_gui, wbscriptvariables, wbscriptsyntax, wb_ini_settings, systemSplitParameters
Version 2011_10_01
  • Compiled wiki files as of 2011-Oct-01
  • Minor clean-up to System,SplitParameters
Version 2011_09_03
  • Compiled wiki files as of 2011-Sep-03
  • Lots of cleanups to the formatting of parameters on the various command pages
Version 2011_08_21
  • Compiled wiki files as of 2011-Aug-21
  • Made some changes to the TOC (LH nav on wiki)
  • Minor clean-ups of a few topics
Version 2011_08_15
  • Compiled wiki files as of 2011-Aug-15