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  • 15 Jun 2015 Download ShareWatch.net

Download ShareWatch.net

- - - - -

ShareWatch.net is the spiritual successor to Steve Miller’s ShareWatch.
Since Work on ShareWatch Has Stopped Development For Years I decided to make a more Useful Tool.

What The Program Does :
This Program Is Made For Enterprise Class File Servers
It logs File Usage To a CSV file That Can Be Reviewed Later Using a spreadsheet program like Excel
A new Log Is Created Daily as to Not to overwhelm Excel's Pivot Table or filtering functions
Using Excel's Pivot table you can track what files have been Used The most And By What User.
Basically a Poor Man's Netwrix
It Uses a Table System That will allow you to easily see what a specific user is up to on the file server By filtering the results to the bottom table. So Be Sure To Sort Out The Usernames On your Network To See Valuable Information Here.

How It Does it:
It's Made Using C# Dotnet Framework 4
So It Will Work on Older OS's like Windows XP & Windows 2003 (Not Win98/NT4)
Newer OS's Like Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Also Support the FrameWork.
Please Be Sure To Run The Program As Administrator or Disable The UAC completely.

Network Monitor
This Uses API Calls to Windows DLL's:
These are Some of the main the Functions:(if you want to google them)
These Functions Are Limited In the Information it returns.
So This Program Would Have To Try to Ask The Incoming Clients For More Info
Like The Mac Address And Netbios Names. This Is Done On a Separated Thread.

File Monitor
This Uses FileSystemWatcher a dot net framework Component
A Multi Threaded system is setup to catch Multiple Folders(and Subfolders)
Please Note That FileSystemWatcher is not perfect (Please See Here For Limitations)
With My tests It does not seem to catch All of the changes...
FileSystemWatcher Tries to catch all Changed,Deleted,Renamed and Created files and directories
Unfortunately FileSystemWatcher does not know what user did what change, you would have to compare it with the
Network monitor logs to see what happened in that time period.Luckily everything is in CSV Format and via some filtering via EXCEL with the timestamp you can find out what happened.

Notification System
The Notification System Will notify you either via The Tray Icon or Email if a Pre-set alert was Triggered
There is a Buffer in place that will collect messages and send them all in one Bag.
Specify this timeout in the "Alert Interval"(Default 5 Minutes) Text box in the email settings aria.
You can use gmail as a SMTP host just be sure to enable POP3 and enable "Less secure apps" in your gmail settings.
(Just google the SMTP settings)
The Notification System Will Also Perform actions Like Shutting the PC Down,Reboot Blacklist The User Or Disabling all The Network Adapters.

Disable All Network Adapters
This Feature is Part of the Notification system,When Triggered it will Disable All network Connections.
You can Re-Enable The connections in the "Network And Sharing Center" under "Change Adapter Settings"
Or Use "File" > "Enable All Network Adapters".This Works By Calling the Windows WMI interface (Win32_NetworkAdapter) and Manipulating it

This Feature Will Kick then Disable The User Account (On the Local PC) So That User Can No longer Access Shared File And Resources From The Network (This Is Untested On a Active Directory)
Note The User running ShareWatsh.net (Localy) Cannot Be disabled.This is so you cannot accidentally Disable the Administrator account running the program.
A Action Trigger is Available On "Access Files (Per User)" to Disable The User Account that Has Accessed Too many Files. Unfortunately it's not available on the other Event Types Because Of The lack of Information The File Monitor Returns (FileSystemWatcher does Not Return User Information)

Similar Programs:
https://www.netwrix.com- Not So Free
http://securityxplod...haremonitor.php- Free!
http://www.codeproje...tor-Your-System-Free Open Source!
http://www.codeproje...iles-on-Network-Free Open Source!

Things To Do
Add an Email Alert System
Add an File Monitoring system to check for changes in files
Add an Alert/Action event on Multiple File Modifications to combat Crypto Lockers/Malicious Users
Add an Alert/Action event on Multiple File Accsess to Indicate File Copying?
Add a Tab to See Shared Files ?
Add a Tab to See Users and User Privileges ?
Add More stuff being Logged like What users are using what pc's to Login & Weekly Logs For Disk Space Usage
Fix shutdown and reboot options in Alert system
Add context menu on rows to open file location
Add Start on Windows Startup Checkbox
Add Run a File to Actions
Make a Video On How To use this program
Bugfix / Cleanup code / Optimise.
Add Stuff You want ?

Extra Info
This is My First C# Program I’m making available to the public. Updates Will Take Longer From Now On Since i added all the Features i can Think of But if you have an Idea or Found a bug or a Crash please leave a Comment in the Support Topic.

Please Donate If it Helped You/Support Development.

What's New in Version (See full changelog)

  • -Added User account Disable (Blacklist) Feature
  • -Added Disable all Network Connections Feature in Alert system

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