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Download UFD_FORMAT 85

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usb format uefi vhd win8

UFD_FORMAT - Tool to format USB Flash Drives for booting with Boot Manager menu

After UFD_FORMAT then UEFI_MULTI is used to make Multi-Boot USB-Stick booting with WIM ISO and VHD Boot Image files

Download and Run UFD_FORMAT.exe and Extract to simple path
In Win 7/8 OS Set User Account Control Off and Reboot

For UEFI Boot support then Windows 8x64 or 10x64 is needed as operating system

FAT32 has size limit of 32 GB for Windows Format -
Use 2nd Partition checkbox when USB-stick has size more than 32 GB, so that first Partition size is below the limit of 32 GB

UFD_FORMAT.exe - Tool to format USB-stick for Booting with Boot Manager Menu on BIOS or UEFI computer and
Tool to make USB-Stick having two partitions - FAT32 Boot partition for WIM or ISO and NTFS System partition for VHD.
Option to Install Grub4dos in MBR BootCode, which allows BIOS computer to boot directly from USB with Grub4dos Menu.
Option to make Boot Manager and Grub4dos Menu on UFD to boot UEFI + BIOS directly from USB with Boot Manager Menu.
Windows 7/8/10 or 7PE/8PE/10PE is needed to make Boot Manager Menu.

Download - http://reboot.pro/fi...415-ufd-format/

UFD_FORMAT - In XP Format USB-Stick for booting with Grub4dos Menu


UFD_FORMAT - In 7/8 Format USB-Stick for booting with Boot Manager Menu

USB_Part_Flip.exe to Exchange Partition Table Entries in MBR of USB-Stick -
allows to change which primary partition of the USB-stick is visible in Windows

UEFI_MULTI.exe will make Multi-Boot USB-drives by using Boot Image Files (VHD IMG ISO or WIM)

Boot UEFI + BIOS with Win8.1 x64 boot.wim direct from Boot Manager Menu into RAMDISK
Boot UEFI - F12 - BIOS - Grub4dos - Win XP/7/8 VHD - Ramdisk

Win8.1SE x64 boot.wim of size 400 MB is Universal WIM Boot Image file for booting BIOS and UEFI computers
Thanks to ChrisR for making Win8.1SE - http://www.msfn.org/...170546-win81se/

After booting from USB with x64 boot.wim you can use portable App WinNTSetup_x64.exe to mount XP/7/8 Setup ISO in ImDisk Virtual Drive.
WinNTSetup3 will prepare local harddisk for Install of XP/7/8
Thanks to JFX for making WinNTSetup3 - http://www.msfn.org/...612-winntsetup-

Credits and Thanks to:
Uwe Sieber for making ListUsbDrives - http://www.uwe-sieber.de/english.html
Dariusz Stanislawek for the DS File Ops Kit (DSFOK) - http://members.ozema...eezip/freeware/
Roger Layton for making MBRwizard - http://mbrwizard.com/ and http://firesage.com/mbrwizard.php

What's New in Version 85 (See full changelog)

  • Update grub4dos-0.4.5c-2013-07-24.7z
  • Update UFD_Format.exe - improvement for usage in x64 environment
  • Improvement in all Help files - Procedures based on using Win8.1SE x64 boot.wim as Boot Image File
  • v 81
  • - Added option to Install Grub4dos in MBR BootCode
  • On BIOS computer it allows to boot directly with Grub4dos Menu
  • - Make Boot Manager and Grub4dos Menu to make bootable USB-Stick
  • Win 7/8 or 7PE is needed to make Boot Manager Menu

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