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  • 24 Aug 2011 Download WinBuilder base64 Encode / Decode Tool (a.k.a. wbzip) 2011_08_23

Download WinBuilder base64 Encode / Decode Tool (a.k.a. wbzip) 2011_08_24

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This is a tool commonly called wbzip.exe It allows you to add or extract files from a WinBuilder script file outside of the winbuilder environment. This is all based on the same compression and then base64 encoding that is used inside WinBuilder. It is especially useful to extract the "author encoded" files (like the script logo), since there is no other way to really extract them if they need to be "tweaked". The basics were scrounged up out of the forum (thanks to Wonko for collecting the existing information and for the cmd script. It was the basis of the germ of the idea for how the GUI finds the files that are encoded into the script.

See this post for all the other information and links to other posts.

I also "borrowed" some ideas from other AU3 scripting on the web, and the original "add" GUI of pedrole. As It exists right now, ther looks like a better version of the actual wbzip.exe might be possible, but all the already compiled exe's in the original zip files claim to be version 1.0 - but the source files have a version 1.1 in them...Oh well, as far as I can tell, the work on v1.1 was just to speed things up, and it is plenty fast for small files that you don't manipulate too often :)

Basically, I had some fun playing with AU3, since I had never really done much with it...Fairly easy to use and create a GUI. As it stands right now, the GUI I added for the WBZip functionality has two tabbed interfaces - one to extract, the other to add...basically the same as the simple little exe has. As Wonko stated, the command line tool is OK, BUT, to extract files, it is a catch-22...youhave to know the names of the file you want to extract it.

As we all know Wonko Rocks :punk: ...So, even in the GUI I added, it uses the same concept of unwbzip.cmd script (i.e. search for the headers of all encoded files)

The files are then presented in a list so you can select the files you want or want to skip. By default, it creates an output folder in the directory you select based on the script, and sub-folders for any files that need to be in folders. The second tab is for adding files to a script, and it uses the folder names (or if it finds a plain file in the specified location, adds it into the default name of "folder". It puts the name into the list view of items so you can see what it has done. ( a lot simpler that the original GUI of Pedrole, since I'm not trying to time it or present progress bars, or even try to add "code" to the script...Just add the files, which might be useful if you are updating files in an existing script.

So, there it is...Let me know if any bugs found, but the AU3 code is in the archive, so you could hack on it as well...


What's New in Version 2011_08_24 (See full changelog)

  • Bug in Extract if not using the default folder...missing "/" needed to be added to the folder since we are pushing things to a subfolder based on the folders in the script.

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