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  • 09 Oct 2013 Download ImgMount 1.1
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Download ImgMount 1.2

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raw image mount

Hi Gents,

ImgMount is a graphical front end to the Arsenal Driver : An open source virtual SCSI miniport driver.

See heremore about this driver.

Credits for this driver goes to Olof.

ImgMount can create a physical disk from a file or from memory or from a sharedmemory proxy.


What's New in Version 1.2 (See full changelog)

  • veersion 0.1
  • -add a virtualdisk by selecting a raw image file (hardcoded : offset=0, id=0, bytes/sector=512)
  • -remove the virtualdisk #0
  • -check if the arsenal driver is installed
  • -query the arsenal drive #0 to retrieve the id and filename of the virtualdisk
  • version 0.2
  • -can add more than one virtualdisk
  • -will remove all virtualdisks
  • -will list all virtualdisks
  • -install the (storport only) driver using devcon (NOT included in the package)
  • -check if the driver is installed
  • version 0.3
  • -handles the xp installation : will add the driver and start the service
  • -for win7 (and up) installation : will use devcon if existing in the folder or will advise to use the "add legacy hardware" wizzard
  • -when pointing to a non existing img file, the app will then ask for the size of the new virtualdisk and will create the imagefile,
  • so one can create a virtualdisk from an existing raw image or create the raw image on the fly.
  • version 0.4
  • -cosmetic work
  • version 0.5
  • -Can now make a virtualdisk out of memory.
  • It does not use awealloc for now.
  • I could make it an option if needed.
  • version 0.6
  • -after a memory drive is created, the app will propose to initialise the drive (i.e createdisk+createpartition).
  • After this, windows will propose to format it.
  • -The interface also displays the mathing physicaldrive using IOCTL_SCSI_GET_ADDRESS
  • -new program icon.
  • version 0.7
  • -new name : imgmount
  • -When clicking add (file) icon, user can choose 'add existing' or 'new'
  • -When clicking memory icon, user can choose 'add existing' (from file) or 'new'
  • -When adding a new file, ImgMount will also initialize the disk (and will still for now rely on windows wizard to format it)
  • version 0.8
  • -Now supports physical memory usage (vs virtual memory) thru awealloc.
  • version 0.9
  • -added an uninstall option (no reboot needed for win7 and up)
  • -have updated XP driver with inf file from Bilou_Gateux
  • -install and uninstall now both use devcon.exe from MS
  • version 1.0
  • -support sharedmemory proxy thru devio
  • ->devio shm:disk \\.\PhysicalDriveX 0 0 or devio shm:disk c:\disk.img 0 0
  • version 1.1
  • -For Driver Install then in FileSelector limit the filetypes to *.inf
  • -For Add File Disk then in FileSelector limit the filetypes to supported types e.g. *.vhd *.img and some more
  • -possibility to use ms virtualdisk api to load (any) vhd (disks will be unmounted for now when the application close)
  • version 1.2
  • -can dump/save a physicaldrive to an image file (useful for memory disk)

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